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The Remembrance Archive is a long-term, social media-based work-in-progress. The foundation of the project is the idea that oppression is rooted in loss of memory (based on a quote by Paula Gunn Allen), so I post one hand-drawn portrait every day to Instagram in memoriam of lives lost to recent crimes of hate, fear, and systemic racism in recent years in the US. Each portrait is accompanied by some background information about the person, the incident, and any resources that can be used for further information, donations, etc.

This project is intended to memorialize people that have died by drawing their faces individually. I’ll study and learn each face, think about who they were, and most importantly what their presence meant to their families, friends, and communities. By sharing with my community, I hope the people who have lost so much know that their loved one is remembered. As we remember and mourn, we can reflect on why lives were lost. We can be propelled to unify, hold each there accountable, and demand reform from all levels of government.

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