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Tracing Shadows
Tracing Shadows
White powder, chalk
dimensions variable
September 20, 2014

147 Suffolk Street, New York, NY

As part of the 3rd Annual Harvest Festival, the Dorothy Strelsin Memorial Garden became the site of an immersive drawing experience that invited people to trace the shadows that were temporarily visible around the space throughout the day with white powder and chalk, documenting the lapses in time.

Sunlight entered from overhead and washed over the plants, casting beautiful shadows that moved through the garden as the day went on. The interesting shapes and compositions called on garden visitors to notice their physicality as an active part of the space. This interactive work allowed park visitors to be hands-on in choosing what to highlight.

Drawing attention to the progressions of shadows and light provides a shift in perspective and celebrates the ephemeral qualities and fluidity of nature. After the event, the work remained in the garden as a remnant of what took place until the elements and time washed it away.